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#1 2009-06-21 02:58:32

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Upcomming release and current development

Next week we're going to release version 0.0.5, which is a pure bugfix release (besides newly added translations). If you've got a bug in queue or want to have your language supported, then this is just the right time to contact us.

We all were kinda busy these days but now development (for 0.1.0) is in full swing again. Support for spectating a table was added, so you can now watch games you are not actively participating yourself. Moreover bet-amounts and chip-stacks have now a graphical representation and not only the amount as text. There were and will be a lot of changes under the hood which are not directly visible. As always, we would like to have your feedback and feature requests in order to head HoldingNuts in the right direction.


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