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News update

Website changes
There were a lot of changes of this website. Mostly content and design updates, but also a new feature: a website poll, performing regular community surveys (you can find it at the right on the main page).

New server for website and game-server
You may have noticed that the website and game-server now runs on a new machine, again. It's very fast and stable, so the issues with speed and reboots should be a thing of the past. Thanks a lot to our sponsor OTR-Files.de, who provides us this server free of charge.

HoldingNuts release review and development
The 0.0.4 release got off to a good start. It improved the gameplay very much and only minor bugs were reported till now. We are already working on the first stable 0.1.0 release (you may post your feature requests in the forum). Depending on requests and bugs-severity there will be another intermediate bugfix release 0.0.5.



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