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Q: What does the project name mean?

A: HoldingNuts means to hold the nut hand in a poker game. Maybe this is ambiguous, too ;-)
I found this name during brainstorming (better: namestorming). My first idea was OpenPoker, but this name is already occupied by another project and I thought it would be a rather boring name (like YAPG - yet another poker game). So I played around with words like Open, Source, Poker, Hold'em, in hope to find a sense for a backronym afterwards. Later, I thought about nice situations in a poker game. Spontaneously the sentence "Holding the Nuts" came to my mind, which I formed to "HoldingNuts".


Q: Are there or will there be Poker-Bots (AI players)?

A: Currently there is no plan to support AI players. There should be always enough human players to play with, and this is much more fun than playing against a computer.

Q: Are there or will there be Avatars?

A: Neither default avatars nor user-selectable avatars are planned. The table interface appearance should be clear and plain. Avatars also could be disturbing (or even offensive). So we don't think HoldingNuts will ever support them.

Q: Will there be 3D graphics support?

A: Well, HoldingNuts' interface aims to be as clear and plain as possible. Eye-candy such as 3D view, special effects and so on are distracting the player from the most important thing: the poker game itself. Thus it's very unlikely.

Q: Is support for MTT (Multi Table Tournament) games planned?

A: Yes. This feature is on our roadmap and we hope that it will be available soon.

Q: Is Mac OS X supported?

A: Mac OSX unfortunately isn't officially supported yet. However, it's possible to build HoldingNuts from sources (with help of MacPorts).

Q: What is this UUID for?

A: The client generates a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) on its first start. This identifier is used for "client reconnect" feature. Some game-servers might use this UUID for generating player rankings, too. If you don't want to use these features (e.g. privacy concerns) you can unset the UUID in the client settings dialog or in the client config file. Newer client versions (>0.0.5) will ask on its first start whether you want to set a UUID.


Q: I lost with the better hand. This seems to be a bug, right?

A: It's likely that you clicked on "muck" on the showdown, and with this lost your hand. HoldingNuts (<= 0.0.5) lacks support for the so-called feature "muck losing hands" (which implies "always show winning hands"). Until this feature is implemented, you need to evaluate the hand yourself and do NOT click on "muck" if you want to claim the pot. The current behaviour is somewhat realistic as you are able to muck even if you won the hand - just like in live games. Additional note: The default action on showdown is to "show" and the default action for hands where all players folded except you is "muck".

Q: The card deck has four colors. Is this intended?

A: This kind of card deck is called a four-color deck (clubs are green and diamonds are blue). We decided to use it as the default card deck as it is easier for beginners to distinguish the suits. If you don't like it you are free to select the classic card deck (2 colors) in the client settings.


Q: I cannot connect to the server, why?

A: Verify that you are using the correct address. For our public server it's game.holdingnuts.net . Another reason could be a blocking firewall, turn it off temporarily and check again.

Q: When I try to connect to the server it says "ERR 1 protocol error". What am I doing wrong?

A: You are probably trying to connect with your web-browser. HoldingNuts isn't a browser game (nor javascript, nor flash, nor java) but a standalone application using its own network protocol. You need the Holdingnuts client in order to connect and play on the server.

Q: When browsing this website with IE6 everything looks terribly broken. What's wrong?

A: IE6 isn't really a web browser - it's a disease! This website has been tested with several current web browsers and everything should work fine. It's the IE6 which is broken - and we don't care.


Q: Is there any commercial background on this project?

A: No, absolutely not. The software is licensed under an open source license and is freely available to everyone. Furthermore, the HoldingNuts team will neither make money with the software nor with a service (the servers). However, if you like HoldingNuts you may think about donating a few bucks for the cost coverage (domain and server costs).

Q: How old should someone be to play poker or this game?

A: Poker might not be a suitable game for children [Full stop]

Q: Is it legal to play this game?

A: Playing just poker is perfectly legal in most countries. However, playing poker for real money may be restricted by law. On our public game server(s) it's NOT allowed to play for money. On your own game server you can - of course - do whatever you want, as long as it's consistent with the respective national law.

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