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Another way of supporting HoldingNuts is to donate a few bucks. The donations are used to cover the costs of the domain and server hosting. With your donation we are able to keep the official HoldingNuts poker network online.


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#DateNameAmount (EUR)
1 2009-06-02 Sergey 10.00 EUR
2 2009-06-22 Poker Bankroll 15.00 EUR
3 2009-09-10 Poker Bankroll 12.66 EUR
4 2011-06-17 Media Live Casino 10.00 EUR
5 2015-05-23 Sefru 1.40 EUR
Sum: 49.06 EUR

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Cost coverage

PositionAmount (EUR)
- Domain hosting (2008-2014) 84.00 EUR
- Website hosting 0.00 EUR
- Game-server hosting 0.00 EUR
- Plenty of developer time ;) 0.00 EUR
+ Donations 49.06 EUR
- Donation fees 3.32 EUR
Cost coverage: -38.26 EUR
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HoldingNuts open source poker client HoldingNuts in action


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