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What is HoldingNuts?

HoldingNuts is an open source multi-platform poker client and server.

You can play the popular Texas Hold'em variant with people all over the world, meet your friends, run your own games and even setup your own poker-network.



[2018-10-31] Shutdown of this website and game server. Everything comes to an end. The website, wiki and the official game server will shut down mid 2019. Of course the software is still available and you will be able to host your own game server. This project has been much fun — thanks to everyone involved and playing this game! 👍

[2013-04-27] This project is currently not under active development. Apart from possible bug fixes, there is no progress at all. Please drop a note if you're interested in continuing the development by taking over the project.

Rumors about a next release [Update]

posted by datag | 20 November 2010

The last few days there has been some effort bringing the development branch into a proper shape again. There is a decent number of changes and features piled up since the last release. You can see at least one obvious change in the below screenshot.


This is the right time to update existing and contribute new translations. And there's a lot of testing to do before a release can come into question. So if you would like to help out you can drop a post in this thread.

Read the update post

2nd anniversary and a confession

posted by datag | 15 November 2010

Today is the 2nd birthday of the HoldingNuts project. We'd like to thank all people who made this possible.

But there's more to say. As you might have noticed, there hasn't been any development for quite a long time. This is mainly caused by lack of time and - undeniably - lost of interest.

We'd like to be honest: It's unlikely that there will be any more major releases. However, we're still willing to apply bugfixes, accept new translations and - if necessary - bring out a maintenance release.

The website, wiki, forum and game server won't be affected by this. These services will run as long as we've got some money left for it smile

New server hosting for HoldingNuts

posted by datag | 23 June 2010

We have moved the website and gameserver to a new host. The transition went smoothly so far.

We'd like to thank our former generous sponsor OTR-Files.de who hosted us for more than 1 year for free thumbs_up.

Client shows strange behavior with Qt 4.6.0 and 4.6.2 (update)

posted by datag | 03 January 2010

Short note for people building HoldingNuts from source and using Qt 4.6.0 respectively 4.6.2:

A bug in Qt 4.6.0 causes the HoldingNuts client to display duplicate playing cards, which makes the gameplay quite unusable (the chat-log is not affected, it displays the correct cards).


This issue is already fixed in Qt's git repository (commit f708b24) and with this it'll be fixed in Qt 4.6.1 release.

Possible workarounds:
* use a previous version (e.g. Qt 4.5.3 respectively 4.6.1)
* wait for Qt 4.6.1 respectively 4.6.3
* use this workaround patch
* use our HoldingNuts binary package

Update (2010-03-19):
This bug unfortunately reappeared in Qt 4.6.2 (QTBUG-8606) and will be fixed in Qt 4.6.3.

1st project anniversary

posted by datag | 15 November 2009

Hooray, today is the 1st anniversary of HoldingNuts!

It took only a few month to implement a playable client server poker system (currently supporting Texas Hold'em No Limit Sit and Go). In its first year of development there were 4 releases, latest stable version is 0.0.5.

Unfortunately progress stagnated for a while as all members are somewhat busy. There are nice changes in the current development branch such as graphical chip stakes and a minimalistic ranking system. We would like to read your suggestions for the next release in the comments.

Thanks for all the good games on the public server!

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